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David Elron is a shamanic practitioner, who assists his clients in healing & creating sustainable balance in their lives. Beginning with building a loving & trusting relationship, David uses holistic intuitive talk therapy, nutritional coaching, massage, and Amanae™ – a transformational emotional release bodywork modality – to guide his clients through their own unique journey of healing.

Originally from Israel, David worked in New York City when he realized his life was disjointed and unbalanced, eventually leading him on a personal journey which continues today in Antigua, Guatemala. He practices the life that he teaches.

Most clients come to David with a unique problem they have a desire to resolve. David cultivates an accepting space to encourage honest, nonjudgmental sessions. A session requires the full awareness & commitment from both practitioner and participant. Each client must be fully prepared to do the self-work, which at times is not easy. Clients experience a wide spectrum of highs and lows depending on the stage they are going through in the process. Ultimately over time, the outcome culminates with a greater internal love, understanding & acceptance for one’s own emotional and physical self.

David works with clients worldwide and regularly leads workshops for individuals, groups and for corporations.  He also offers a coaching program by skype/phone.